Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic state of mind

The Olympic games give me the sense of determination and perseverance that all those athletes display. Their heart goes into their sport and they have their ultimate goals laid out in front of them to earn. As I continue to watch and listen to the stories of these athletes, I know that I have that same drive inside of me to succeed at what I truly love as well, reporting. The sense of accomplishment mixed with the desire for improvement is exactly how I feel when I put together a package or format a great story. I know I'm not close to the Olympics of journalism but that's my goal. After years of training and practice, I too can accomplish great things. As I listened to an interview with Michael Phelps, I realized he has earned his gold medals but now he is my gold medal. To be able to interview the greats like Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or any of the young rising stars like the US gymnasts or RG3, is how I can know that I have made it to the top. Earned my gold. I am anxious about starting into the field but I should be, and I should take those nerves and channel them into being better. Everyday, every week, every year. Grow as a person and learn to be a master of my art. Challenge accepted.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starting "work" in paradise

Yesterday Dana and I started working. Now, our main job down here will be working at Dana's step dad's bar, Busters. It was suppose to be open by now but because this is island living they have a very slow and relaxed way about proceeding with business. So currently we needed something to do, so we started working at a water sports business right on the ocean. It's called Ititos. Tito and his family are good friends with John and Jackie. There even going to Alaska in the coming year! So they are really nice. But our position with them is sort of marketing to people their different water sports and such. Yesterday was sort of slow and our first day so we just walked the beach telling people about their business. For our first FULL day on the beach Dana and I got very hot, tired and worn down quickly. We left a little early and basically just learned the ropes. But before leaving the asked of we wanted to ride on the boat and we said yes please!!! We get on the boat and start cruising around, then they harness us up for parasailing.... Can't say no to your boss right? It was beautiful to see so much of the island and the light and dark blue swirled ocean. And sea turtles! It was really neat end to what was an interesting first day. Today was very different. Today the cruise ship people come in so we talk to them and lead them to our area and get them chairs and umbrellas. It was pretty interesting for us as Americans. It's something we are used to seeing as travelers but haven't been on the other side of. We wait outside the beach and when people arrive via taxi we just take them toward the beach explain bathroom, restroom, chair, and overall complete beach experience. Felt odd at first but after a few groups it's kind of fun! After the long day we got a little cash for what we had sold and called it good. Tomorrow another cruise ship comes in. Now that we have a feeling for everything tomorrow we go back out for another cruise day and hopefully put a little more cash in our pockets.
Until next time

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Get this show on the road!!

So I've definitely been slacking on the blogging for a while, so I've decided it's time to get back on it..

And I guess I'll start with the recent tragedy. I honestly don't even know what to say. How can something like this happen. Innocent and good people went to see a movie... Among them Jessica Redfield. I worked with Jessica for a few days at Fox31 in Denver. When I heard it on the news it took me a long time to really absorb. I'm living in Aruba right now so first hearing it was in Colorado was shocking then realizing a new one of the victims. Heart wrenching. My heart and prayers go out to absolutely everyone involved. Life truly is precious.
As a 22 year-old I had no idea how many of my amazing friends and acquaintances lives would be cut shot.
RIP Karen. Jessica. Ken.

Ah, tough. Moving on to a lighter note...
So I am in Aruba, the A of the ABC Dutch islands right north east of Venezuela. It is beautiful. White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue ocean water, hot clear skies and many wonderful friendly people. I am here with my college friend Dana. We meet someone new everyday! And you never know who it will be. Yesterday we played poker with a group of divers who own a dive shop, then later talked with American pre-med students studying Caribbean medicine, and ended the night learning some new dutch with the locals! Right now we don't have a car so getting a job is really difficult, but the word is out and we look every day. August is more promising, so right now were just kind of enjoying the sun.

We did spend last Thursday- Saturday in Curaçao. Curaçao is bigger than Aruba but we just stayed in the little town area. It was more of the Dutch architecture and extremely vibrant colors! We stayed at a nice hotel the first night and it had an infinity pool that went right into the ocean, so really we didn't leave there much!!

That's all for now, I'll be around more though!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012! A Year of Discovery

This is from earlier but might as well post it and try and add on :) enjoy

I am so excited for 2012. Everything is falling into a completely crazy, random and fun life. I am graduated from college, I earned two degrees there and I am somewhat ready to jump out into the real world. Luckily I get to ease myself into it.

So I am going to attempt to do 2012 new things this year. Seems pretty hard right now, but hopefully moving to Aruba I can knock um out haha! I'll try to keep this as updated as possible! Here is what I've got so far !! :)

1. I took Hunters Ed online. It was part of my class to get my hunters education card and hopefully get out there and hunt with my broha and friends!
2. I shot a .22 for the first time
3. I also shot a handgun
4. Later I took my hunters ed class
5. Part of the class was to go to a gun range and take a saftey class. This was my first gun range.
6. I also went to a Denver Broncos game! Where the Broncos beat the Steelers- oh ya, you remember!
7. I also went on a date to a nuggets game. I have been to a nuggets game before with friends, but this was on a date so I'm going to count it!
8. Was on a jury
9. Was in a courtroom
10. Went through jury deliberations for more than 2 days
11. Heard 11 witness testimonies and multiple expert testimony
12. Was the jury foreman
13. heard a guilty plea read to a defendant (SCARY)
14. Ate at spoons - love it!
15. Started a marketing job
16. Dog sat Danger :)
17. Sold stylers and made money doing it
18. Joined a gym
19. started a workout routine in Anytime fitness
20. had a "leg day" hahaha I always was curious why everyone was saying that...
21. Had a police escort out of the court house
22. bought a vertical credit. stupidest thing ever, had to buy a lower level spanish class in order to get my degree
23. joined linkedin : )
24. Had flowers sent to me by a guy (not a boyfriend)
25. Read Why Men Marry Bitches  by Sherry Argov
26. Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull one of the many books recommended to me by Grandma
27. Played on a city league volleyball team with Mike, Casey, Robin, Matt, Joy, and John.
28. Flew to Charlotte, NC
29. Ate a Cuban sandwich with a fried pickle in it
30. Flew to Baltimore
31. Went to York, PA
32. Met Milly
33. Met Caroline
34. Drove from York, PA to Baltimore to Woodbridge, VA.
35. Worked at the Woodbridge Sam's Club
36. Met Antoinette from Nashville
37. Met Julius
38. Met Justin Broady
39. Met Pat
40. Met Desmond
41. Met Quinton
42. Met Carlston
43. Met Thomas Wiliams
44. Met Donte
45. Drove a Grand caravan
46. Met Jess Ann
47. Went to Bungalows
48. Ate at Famous Dave's
49. Went to DC with JB and Pat
50. Saw the Washington Monument
51. Saw the Lincoln Memorial
52. Saw Martin Luther King Memorial
53. Saw the White House
54. Went in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
55. Went to Miami airport
56. Worked at an Aruban water sports company
57. Went to Arashi beach
58. Went to Curaçao
59. Stayed at the renaissance in Curacao.
60. Ate chicken nuggets at a fancy restaurant at midnight.
61. Met Cactus
62. Met Tito
63. Met Koen
64. Met Naji
65. Met Shirly
66. Met Sebastian (JC's)
67. Met Sebastian (Bas)
68. Went to Old Dutch in Curaçao
69. Went to Old Dutch in Aruba
70. Went to Jc's sports bar
71. Went to Lekker
72. Went to 201
73. (realized I hadn't entered anything about my first time in Aruba) went to Aruba haha

I'll be back to add more. So many things lol

to be continued..

The After Life

Life after college... wow isn't it magical, no job, no money, living at home. Everything you dream of.. not! But really it is shaping up to be quite nice. I am home saving up some money right now, but I am finally free from these looming burdens of classes to sign up for, or complete, books to buy, places to live, this, that and all the other things. Now am I just taking in all this extra time to do somethings for myself. I have a bunch of great resolutions that I'm jumping on and that is going extremely well (take a look at my 2012 blog). I have also just started a marketing job with North Elite Inc. It is not a dream job, but a job that will earn me a little money as well as strengthen my people skills. As many of you know I will be headed to Aruba in June as well to spend about six months there, living the dream. That should all be squared away in the coming months. Meanwhile, it will be this marketing job, lots of gym time and hopefully get involved in some of my favorite hobbies (dance, art, sporting events, and so on.)

Keep checking my blog out as I attempt to do 2012 new things this year and keep up with my shenanigans.

Monday, January 9, 2012

San Sebastian

San Sebastian.

Absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life! It is in the very north of Spain, pretty close to France. Candace and I flew from Madrid to Santander then took a bus from Santander to San Sebastian through Bilbao. We were right on the coast and in the beautiful, green, rolling hills of the Basque country. Our hostel in San Sebastian wasn't too nice, but luckily we didn't spend much time in it. First thing the next morning we got ready and went out to explore. We walked all the way around the main beach part of the city. Called La Concha (the shell.) On our way we stopped and had some little food here and there. We stopped at little shops and got some post cards and stuff and continued our walk on an almost perfectly clear day! The tapas in the north are better than Madrid's and have their own style, the basque call them Pinchos or Pinxos. Although we didn't expect to swim or really do any beach time, the locals were in the water! It seemed too far north but really the water was quite nice and if I had my suit I probably would have taken a little swim.

After walking all the way around the concha and through some of the town we headed up the hill on the other side of the city. We took a little trolley straight up the hill and looked off over the whole city. Breathtaking to say the least. We drank some wine and enjoyed the sunset out across the sea before making our way back to our hostel. Luckily it was warm because we didn't really factor in the tide rising as we made our way back and I definitely got my leggings a little (A LOT) wet. That night we went out with two funny french guys from our hostel and had an absolute ball! I am happy to have a leopard print scarf to always remind me of that night! Other funny thing.... we hung out with those guys from about two days and when we left we couldn't guess their names for the life of us! oops. We really weren't up there long and had to take a bus back to Santander to catch an early morning flight on Sunday. Santander was gorgeous as well but nothing like the magical city of San Sebastian!
La Concha

I <3 San Sebastian

Most of the city and our hostel behind me :)

Gotta love the feeling of the Bay of Biscay on your feetsies! 

the little train up the hill!

Just admiring the endless sea!

 Such a charming city.
 <3 Sunset <3



Until next time! BESOS!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Learning to be Spanish

Spain is definitely not on the top of Europeans best food list.. I know they are competing with Italy and France.. but they aren't trying very hard. :) hehe. However they do have a few good dishes going for them!
- Paella! Paella is like a rice and seafood or rice and chicken dish. Nothing extravagant but a very rich and delicious flavor. Candace and I had tried some of the paella and restaurants around the city and were completely under-enthused. So Candace was talking with her house mom one day and her mom said that Paella is only as good as the ingredients in it and the only place in the city that you'd find good real paella is in a very fancy expensive restaurant -- bummer. She then followed that up with but still the best way to have paella is homemade. She told Candace to invite some friends over and we could make REAL paella! We arrived at Candace's house to a plethora or ingredients including a ton of fresh seafood! Lourdes (the mom) took us through everything step by step! It was amazing and the secret ingredient- saffron! Along with the Paella we had semi-sweet wine from Italy and a Rose after dinner. Also a salad with lettuce, tomatoes and battered and friend goat cheese - yum, with a homemade dressing of some kind - double yum. And of course Ali-oli, not positive what it is but it's a rich white sauce that they use with a lot of things!
Some other Spanish things we have been doing...
- Saw a bullfight. It was gruesome but kind of interesting. I guess the fall is like the time the young torreros learn how to fight and so it wasn't a like "good" performance, meaning they took too long to kill them. General info- there are six bulls that are fought. The come out and and run it around and then take these little swords and stab them six times, then guys on horses stab it twice with a long thing and then the main matador comes out with a sword and does the finishes the job. then the three mules come out and drag the bull away. They drug the bulls before they come fight too, but if they bull is like too drugged to fight they'll just take it back and kill it. So one was too drugged and kept like tripping and falling on his knees (which is like an unfair fight so they change it I guess) So they bring out this herd of giant herding.. idk giant cows to herd the bull to the back. I don't think I have a picture of this but it was interesting! Here is a blurry pic of the guys on the horses- that part was really scary.
I live about 5 minutes from the Royal Palace here in Madrid. It's simply amazing
And because we are perfecting our Spanish-ness we attended an amazing futbol game!! Real Madrid won 3-0 of course! We were in the fourth row- No big deal :-) hehe
Stay tuned! Always more to come :-) Until next time besos!
Hasta Luego